Mistral Series-500


The "Mistral® - Façade" system was conceived for the construction of vertical or inclined curtain walls. Its skeleton is made of wood, covered with an aluminum or bronze profile with a thermal barrier in polyamide.

The glass rebate allows the use of insulating glasses with thickness varying between 24mm(1") and 40mm (1 9/16").

The "Mistral® -Façade": system also permits the use of operable sashes inside the curtain wall. Brackets, adjustable in three dimensions, will be used to compensate the eventual irrégularities of the concrete work. 


The benefits of a wood-aluminum curtain wall system

Sound insulation

The wood frames play a large role in heightening the level of sound insulation. If we compare this to conventional curtain walls, in order to reach the same level of performance, we would have to fill completely the aluminum profiles.

Thermal insulation

The wood skeleton acts as a very efficient isolator against the harsh temperatures of winter as well as the suffocating heat of summer. Aside from the comfort added by those wood frames, we can also make important energy savings, compared to more conventional aluminum systems.

Higher level of stability

Because of its wood structure, the "Mistral® -Façade" system reaches a lesser degree of expansion and contraction when compared to regular aluminum systems.

Esthetic: An added component

The natural beauty of wood and its cachet help create refined and attractive interiors.

Easy installation

The "Mistral® -Façade" system was engineered to facilitate and accelerate installation. In fact, fabrication of the elements, preparation of the assemblies and surface coatings are all done within the plant prior to delivery.

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Mistral Series-500