The Blue Evolution Series

feuillure du vitrage

Glazing rebate

Newly designed combined glazing rebate and corner blocks; these contribute to the ventilation and the water drainage of the glass surrounds, as well as act as glazing blocks.

Full set glass thickness varying from 25mm (1') to 60mm (2 3/8').


The BE 92 UPVC window exhibit distinct lines and perfect technology.

Its classically elegant appearance results from clean profile lines. The six-chamber profile system with a depth of 3 5/8' (92mm) features a volominus weatherproof center seal creating a triple weatherproof level for a first-rate sound insulation and an extrem energy efficiency.

*Three dimensional illustration of distribution of heat throught window cross-section.



Large volume reinforcement middle chamber, completly sealed, with strong metal inserts for a high degree of static strenght and long-term operation reliability.

couleur anglais


Regardless of wether you want to use  vigourous tones or emphasize the colors  of facade elements, the high-quality  acrylic foil coatings, available in many  standard colors and wood grain decors,  leave no design wishes unfullfilled. The  foil acts as an additional protective layer  against weathering. Consequently, even  after years, the exterior surfaces lose  nothing of it's original beauty.

 accreditation  UW anglais

Certified in Germany by IFT for 'Passive Houses'


Polyacrylate vinyl chloride graft polymers exhibit outstanding light-fastness and weather-resistance together with high durability of the color. After 10,000 hours of exposure in the weather-Ometer, no change in color is deiscernible and there is no visible change in the surface gloss.

For almost three decades, Fenêtres MQ has manufactured under exclusive licence, this engineering marvel; thousands of references here and abroad are qualifying today these lab results.

*Color fading test

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The Blue Evolution Series