The Mistral Series-100

The all-wood Mistral® , sash flush to the frame, and the option of the superior "Umbrella" coatings. 


The series 100, JS version

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Approved by the very strict "Large Missile Impact" standards from Dade County and SBCCI, the Mistral®  in JS version is capable of resisting to the worst storms and hurricanes.


The Mistral® Series 100 and its particularities:

Big wooden door with large frame and windows

  • Sash flush to the frame
  • Frame built with a double tenon-mortise assemblage
  • Tilt-turn hardware entirely hidden: no corner hinge shown
  • Option of a perfectly centered cremone bolt
  • Paumelle hinges is steel or solid brass with decorataive finials, in option
  • No aluminum water-drip profile at the sill
  • Available in outswing version
  • Option of wood screens with muntin bars
  • Large choice of cremone bolts, handles and knobs, all available in multiple finishes
  • "Umbrella" superior coating system

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The Mistral Series-100