Mistral Series-400


Interior in solid mahoganyIt is a product that is massive and sturdy, available in wood-aluminium and wood-bronze, either in the French-opening, tilt-turn, awning, sliding or folding version.

Moreover, the Series 400 has been conceived to fit easily into the curtain-wall system of the Series 500.

Mounted on plastic connectors, the aluminum or bronze frames find themselves 5mm away from the wood window, creating very efficient ventilation and drainage.

The aluminum and bronze profiles can all be welded at the corners. Meanwhile, with a thickness of 1,5mm, the aluminum profiles can be anodized.

The Mistral ® Series 400 and its particularities:

  • Sash with a total thickness of 85mm overlapping the frameExterior covered with solid bronze profiles
  • Frame built on double tenon-mortise assemblage
  • Inside profiling of the sash is angular without glazing bead
  • 2-way adjustable hinges
  • Large choice of colors and finishes for the aluminum profiles
  • Paumelle hinges in steel or solid brass with decorative finials, in option
  • Available also in lift-slide, tilt-slide or folding versions.

Mistral ® : S-400 Classic

Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, the Mistral ® S-400 Classic wood-aluminum or wood-bronze is custom-made to fit any type of shape or opening.



Mistral ® : S-400 Baroque Bronze

Conceived with a bronze profile, a strong and noble material wich is very much at ease with weathering, the bronze covering guarantees an exceptional and prolonged durability to the window and could wind up being an excellent solution to the renovation and restoration of landmark buildings.


Mistral ® : S-400 Softline

The all-new Softline, a covering that has a more of a contemporary look as a result of the rounded edges of the profiles.

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Mistral Series-400